[Autopilot] DigitalGeneration

Find an idle machine perform its own work program that will be able to make money ~
Takes about 10% CPU and 25MB of RAM

Registration Process:
1 Registration
2 Download the software and install it (the program is very powerful, has built-in your account information)
3 Update personal information, the most important is phone number, will conduct telephone certification
4 After certification succeeded, if the software still show the “THREAD: 0”, log off and then log back, it should now display “THREAD: 1”
5 If still get “THREAD: 0”, go to the “Tickets” page, send a ticket to ask admin for help. It will be processed within two days!

Support Payment:
Paxum, Perfect Money, Payza, PayPal (should soon open! Instructions written on the 6/15 after opening!)

Minimum payment:
– Perfect Money : $0.10 (Perfect Money fee : $0.00)
– Payza : $1.00 (Payza fee : $0.00)
– Paxum : $2.00 ( Paxum fee : $1.00)


  • Its program will correspond to your use of IP, so only under the same IP using different account!
  • There is a limitation is that if you are using a paid thread, that the following account on the same IP can not be the referral with each other!
  • Each computer can only use one account!
  • Free thread can be used by only one month, paid thread can be used for one year.

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