[High Risk] Digital Generation 2013/08/13 news

2013/08/13 news from DG, good to know they have progress.

Negotiations with Payza

We have received a list of opened disputes against DG and are seeking a way how to expedite these requests. To reduce the workload for Payza staff we have approached them with a proposal to let us perform payouts via API as before. So far Payza has one condition: they ask us to resolve the situation with members on our side first to minimize the number of opened disputes.

Above said, to speed up the process resuming payments for high risk countries members are kindly requested to void their dispute unless intentions to abandon the project still remains. We have assured Payza that all funds in our account will be used for payouts to members and seek their professionalism resolving the present status with pending payments.

As soon as we receive positive feedback from Payza all payouts will be fully instant again. We see no obvious reasons for this turnaround to take a negative scenario and will update all members within the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
Cordially, DG Management

If they continue their payment for user, I think it is fine to remove it from high risk site.

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