[CPM] CpmAffiliation

Today I would like to introduce one CPM advertising provider for everyone.

CpmAffiliation : make money from your site with Cmp Affiliation, the Cpm advertising network

It is simple and efficiency.

Registration is easy and will not take a long time.
The payment threshold is 50 €, a little high but I think this is not the problem.
The payment method only support PayPal.
The payments are made 30 days later at the end of the month. Payments reach to us in general around the 15th of the month.
Support following ad formats:
468×60, 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 300×600, footer-ads, site-under et slide-in

Now! Registered users can successfully get 10 €.

If you have quality traffic from your web site, I think this is a good choose for it to earning money.

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