About automatic bot for PTC

I think the best thing of our age is the programming is much easier now.
Learning a new program language is easy and can have more productive in our life.

Some of the PTC site do not use the CAPTCHA to identify the user is human or not.
This is the best thing for us to using the bot scripts and help us from making money automatically and without make any effort.

Recently I really receive money from the PTC site by using my own bot script.
But you need to know, they also have detect bot method, like I have been detect by a PTC web site twice. So you need to keep trying to make the bot can do things right.

Like attacker and defender, who will win the game in the feature? I don’t know, but as long as humans are greedy, the development of these technologies will continue to go on! And I will continue learn to use them to make the automatic money.

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