Digital Generation 2013/08/25 news

Here is the last news from DigitalGeneration!!

Payments Update

Verification process of our business account is almost completed and we are awaiting Payza to transfer our balance or either perform payouts to disputes that currently still remain open. For all those who still have their disputes open we suggest to cancel them as we find it more appropriate for DG to handle refund requests and not the payment processor. It has been a bit longer than we expected to resolve all the difficulties therefore we shall use our own funds to cover all pending payouts via Paxum within the next few days.
We appreciate the opportunity to reinstate our relationship with Payza and look towards their cooperation speeding things up for DG. It would have been faster for us to revoke all threads purchased thru Payza but we consider it to be unfair towards majority of members and that’s why we believe that diplomacy is the best solution regarding the present situation. Patience is essential for success and knowing for sure our great potential we feel confident about the positive future of all members and DG at all.

It’s time to get back to action – check your pending status shortly, payments are on the way !

Have a great weekend,
DG Management

I still ca’t request payment, wait for their verification process complete.
BTW, there is another company have the same method as they used, and will start at 9/1, I will try and provide the test result and payment proof.

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